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What happens after I place my order?

What happens after I place my order?

Step One: Processing

After an order is placed it must be processed before it is can be shipped out.  Order Processing takes approximately 24 hours and does not start immediately after the order is placed.

  • Most orders placed BEFORE 9am (PST) Monday-Friday will start processing the same day.
  • Orders placed AFTER 9am (PST) Monday-Thursday will start processing the next day.
  • Orders placed after 9am on a Friday, on the weekend, or on a Holiday will start processing the next business day.  Business days are Monday-Friday, and DO NOT INCLUDE Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Step Two: Prescription Verification
Part of processing time includes verifying your Contact Lens Prescription with your Eye Care Professional.  Submitting your prescription information is very simple.  Once you have added your desired lenses to the shopping cart, proceed through the checkout system.  In the Order Review section of the shopping cart fill in your Eye Care Professional’s Information (name and phone number) and we will verify that your prescription is current and valid. We do not not ship out lenses in a specific size or prescriptive power based off your submitted prescription or Eye Doctor’s information, we use your Eye Doctor’s information to verify that you have a prescription for contact lenses and we ship you exactly what you order.  If you need prescription contacts be sure to choose the correct power when ordering your lenses, if you need non-prescription contacts choose “0.00”. Verifying your contact lens prescription takes a minimum of 24 hours. Once verified, your order will be processed and shipped.

If you do not have an Eye Care Provider, do not need vision correction, do not have a prescription to wear contact lenses or are unsure for any reason as to why you need a prescription in order to purchase colored or theatrical lenses Please Click Here For Info On Prescriptions and What Is Required To Purchase Contact Lenses.

Step Three: Shipping
We offer four shipping options for Domestic orders and one option for International orders. When choosing your shipping method please note that shipping time is for transit only and does not include processing time.

  • Economy: 2-7 business days Plus processing time
  • Standard: 3-5 business days Plus processing time
  • Express: 2 business days Plus processing time
  • UPS 1 Day Air: 1 business days Plus processing time
  • International: 7-10 business days Plus processing time

Step Four: Tracking

Once your order has been processed and is ready to be shipped we will send you an email containing your tracking number.  You may then use that number to look up and track your order on the USPS or UPS website.

Your Tracking Number and Order Shipment Email are generated automatically when your shipment label is created.  This means that your Tracking Number is sent to you before the USPS or UPS receives your package.

If you attempt to track your package before the USPS or UPS has received it you will get a message saying:

“There is no record of that mail item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.”

This just means that the USPS or UPS has either not received your package yet or the tracking information has just not been updated yet.

Please note that order tracking is not instantaneous, it is not unusual for the USPS to take a day or more to update tracking information.

If an item you ordered is out of stock, we will inform you via email of the expected delay or provide you with other options.