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Options For Secure Online Shopping

Options For Secure Online Shopping

Options for Secure Online Shopping 

All personal and debit/credit card information that you provide during the shopping process is encrypted utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server technology before being transmitted over the Internet.  Furthermore, information provided to us as a result of your online purchase is completely confidential and will not be disclosed or sold to any other party.

However, if you are uncomfortable entering your personal debit or credit card information online, the Visa Prepaid Card is another secure option we recommend.  The Visa Prepaid card is a Visa card you load with money to use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.  You can use it to shop securely, online and off.  Visa cards are available from a number of financial institutions, each with its own unique card offerings.  Check your local bank to see if they offer Visa Prepaid Cards.

Visa Prepaid Card