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Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Want to make your costume really amazing?   Halloween costume contacts are a great way to add that extra edge to your costume and can help you with that!  Find out how to get the best-looking costume lenses without paying a fortune.

Who offers the best selection of Halloween contacts?
Have you already planned your costume and are now looking for the right Halloween contacts to go with it?  Or do you just want to browse costume contact lenses until you see a pair that you love and then create your Halloween look around them?  In either case, you should first check out the most popular collections of Halloween contact lenses available online in our Budget Catagory.  We offer safe and affordable Halloween lenses that create amazing effects.

Our most popular lenses are: 

  • White Zombie
  • Blackout
  • Dark Angel
  • Balrog
  • Angelic

Our lenses are manufactured using the same materials, processes, and machines that are used to make conventional (clear) contacts.  They are manufactured, packaged, and sterilized to the highest international standards for contact lenses and are fully compliant with US contact lens manufacture, packaging, and sterilization regulations.  The only difference is that a layer of color is machine printed onto the front surface of the lens. Because the color is on the outside of the lens, it does not actually touch your eye.  The color layer is sealed with a thin layer of clear contact lens material to ensure it does not flake off or irritate your eye.  When properly cared for and fitted on the advice of a licensed eye care professional, they are perfectly safe for your eyes and are just as comfortable as regular clear contacts. 

How much do costume lenses cost?
If you think that theatrical costume lenses are very expensive, you might be pleasantly surprised – you can pick up an exciting pair of Halloween costume lenses for about 60 dollars!  We even offer a few lines of colored lenses for even less than that!

Black Sclera lenses are the most expensive of the Halloween costume lenses but they do provide the most extreme effect.  Scleral costume lenses are opaque black lenses that cover not only your pupil and iris, but the entire visible area of your eye.  This gives the eyes a very creepy, completely blacked out look. 

How to care for your Halloween costume lenses:
Caring for your Halloween costume contacts is quite simple – all you need is a no-rub multipurpose solution and a contact lens case.  You can get everything from your local drug store.  There is no special solution for costume contacts so you can use any multipurpose solution – just make sure it’s marked “for soft contact lenses”.  If you have several pairs of scary contacts, each should live in its own case.

Step by step care for costume lenses:
1. Always wash your hands with non-cream based soap before handling contact lenses.
2. Pick up the lens gently (avoid using your fingernails), place it in your palm, and rinse it with a no-rub contact lens solution.
3. Now the lens is ready to put into your eye.  Place the lens on your dry fingertip and insert into your eye.
4. After taking your costume lenses out, give them another rinse with solution and place them in their case with fresh solution until the next time you use them.

 If you are not planning to wear your lenses for several weeks, it is recommended that you change the solution and rinse your special effects lenses once a week.  If you forgot to do so and your lenses spent a few weeks in their case unattended, give them a double rinse and place them in fresh solution for at least a couple hours before wearing them.

For people who wear corrective or color contact lenses every day, special effects contact lenses will feel pretty much the same as usual.  If you never wore contact lenses before, at first you might feel a slight discomfort and an urge to rub your eye.  One suggestion is to use lubricant drops, which you can buy from your local drug store.  Also, start wearing your lenses a few days before the party – a couple of hours the first day, 3-4 hours the second day, and so on.
Get yourself a pair of exciting and scary Halloween contacts and be the center of attention at any party!

Haley Robinson is a color contact lens expert and a founder of Halloween Contacts Consumer Guide which provides you with information about all types of Halloween special effect contacts and costume contact lens reviews.