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Colored Contact Lens Safety

Some consumers ignore the consequences of improper lens care, not wanting to take the time to clean their lenses thoroughly.  However, taking care of your colored contact lenses before, after, and in between uses should be your first order of business.  This is not only essential for keeping your lenses in top condition and free of wear and tear, but more importantly, it is vital for the health and well-being of your eyes.  Failing to follow a proper cleaning protocol may put you at risk for a host of eye infections, some of which can be very serious and possibly result in blindness.
With the proper instructions and a few supplies, contact lens care is a simple task that will allow you to enjoy your new lenses as long as possible.  Basic maintenance of your contact lenses includes four easy-to-follow steps: prepare, clean, rinse, and disinfect.

Prepare: Wash your hands to remove dirt and germs that could contaminate your eyes.  Avoid moisturizing or cream-based soaps as they are not good for costume contact lenses.  Dry with a clean, lint-free towel.
Clean: Avoiding your fingernails, remove one contact lens and clean it in the solution product recommended by your eye care professional.  Place a few drops of the solution into the palm of your hand and gently rub the lens you’re your index finger to remove debris.  Add more solution and flip over lens to repeat process.
Rinse: Rinse lens with more solution to wash away dirt and buildup.  Don’t skimp on this step!  Also, never use water from the tap as a rinsing agent as it contains microorganisms that could cause an unwanted infection.
Disinfect: Store your contact lenses in a clean case that has been filled with fresh solution to begin the disinfection process.  “Topping off” your lens case with a bit of solution is like mixing clean with dirty; don’t do it!  Allow your lenses to disinfect in the solution for the full amount of time (often 6 hours or longer) or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Following these simple steps will keep your contacts sterile and clean for your next wearing.  These basic care instructions will remove buildup, cosmetics, allergens, and other debris that can muck up your contacts and make them uncomfortable to wear. When you follow these steps, you will be happy with your contact lenses and they will be happy with you!
Other good habits to form include limiting wearing your lenses for 6 to 8 hours at a time and refraining from wearing them while napping or sleeping.  Even if the contact lenses are not bothering you, your eyes still need time to get fresh air and rest.  When applying makeup, insert your cleaned lenses after you have fixed yourself up and use water-based cosmetics rather than oil-based cosmetics when possible.  When washing your face at night, do so after you have removed, cleaned, and disinfected your contact lenses according to the directions.

If used in a responsible manner as instructed by our care guide and your eye care professional, our contacts are extremely safe.  Always remember that your eyes are very precious.  Colored contact lenses have to be treated with the same level of care that a regular contact lens wearer would take when caring for their regular contact lenses.  NEVER share lenses with anyone else and NEVER wear someone else’s lenses.  When lenses are shared, microscopic organisms are transferred between the wearers and serious eye problems can result.  There have been cases of individuals contracting serious eye infections after having worn costume contact lenses, but the lenses themselves aren’t the cause.  Most times the problems have been caused by poor hygiene, improper lens care, and sharing of lenses between friends.  Always follow your eye care professional’s instruction on care and handling of contact lenses to keep your eyes safe and healthy.
Our lenses are manufactured using the same materials, processes, and in the same machines used to make conventional (clear) contact lenses.  They are manufactured, packaged, and sterilized to the highest international standards for contact lenses and are fully in compliance with US contact lens manufacture, packaging, and sterilization regulations.  The only difference is that a layer of color is machine-printed onto the front surface of the lens.  Because the color is on the outside of the lens, it does not actually touch your eye.  The color layer is sealed over with a thin layer of clear contact lens material to ensure it does not flake off or irritate your eye.  If cared for properly and fitted on the advice of a licensed eye care professional, they are perfectly safe for your eyes and are just as comfortable as regular clear contacts.