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Info on Buying Halloween Contacts or Color Contacts

Info on Buying Halloween Contacts or Color Contacts

Information You Should Know Before Purchasing Lenses

Before you purchase Halloween contacts, theatrical contacts or color contacts there are a few things you should know in order to get the most out of your buying experience.

Why EVERYONE needs a prescription to order Halloween Contacts

The FDA considers all contact lenses medical devices, this includes Plano (0.00) lenses.  All contact lenses including Plano lenses, also known as nonprescription contact lenses can only be sold with a prescription from an Eye Care Professional.  Even if you are just buying lenses for a costume and your eyes do not need vision correction, you are still required to see an optometrist and obtain a valid prescription before purchasing any corrective or non-corrective contact lenses.

The difference between a Prescription Contact Lens and a Contact Lens Prescription

The terms “Prescription Contact Lenses” and “Contact Lens Prescription” are often mistaken for each other, even though they are two very different things.  This can be confusing for new lens buyers.  Below is an explanation of the terms and what they mean to you as a potential contact lens wearer.

  • Contact Lens Prescription: A “Contact Lens Prescription” is what you must have in order to purchase contact lenses.  The FDA now considers all contact lenses medical devices – this includes non-corrective Plano (0.00) lenses – and can only be sold with the involvement of an eye care professional.  Due to new Federal law, it is required that you, the customer, see an eye care professional and obtain a valid prescription before purchasing any corrective or Plano contact lenses.  Obtaining a “Contact Lens Prescription” or “Prescription for Contact Lenses” is easy.  Just set up an appointment with a local Eye Care Professional for an examination.
  • Prescription Contact Lenses: “Prescription Contact Lenses” are contacts that have prescriptive powers meant for vision correction.  Power refers to the strength of vision correction for contact lenses.  Measured in diopters, it is scaled in 0.25 increments and is always preceded by a + (plus) or a – (minus).  If you do not require corrective vision, please select the Plano (0.00) option when purchasing contact lenses.

Lens Sizes

All of our lenses state what Diameter (Dia) and Base Curve (BC) they are in the “Additional Information” section of the product page.  Make sure to check this information carefully to be sure you are ordering the correct size for your eyes.  We do not not ship out lenses in a specific size based off your submitted prescription or Eye Doctor’s information, we use this information for prescription verification purposes only.  If your eyes require a different size than the desired lens is available in please submit a Customer Service Ticket and we will do our best to help you.  Please note that we do not make custom or specialty lenses.

Contact lenses come in various styles and sizes and not all contact lenses are not suitable for everyone.  On each product page under Additional Information is listed the following lens information:

  • Base Curve
  • Diameter
  • Materials
  • Lens Type

It is helpful to have this lenses information available for your Eye Care Professional when you go in to get your contact lens prescription.

Submitting your prescription information is very simple.  Once you have added your desired lenses to the shopping cart, proceed through the checkout system.  In the Order Review section of the shopping cart fill in your Eye Care Professional’s Information (name and phone number) and we will verify that your prescription is current and valid. We do not not ship out lenses in a specific size or prescriptive power based off your submitted prescription or Eye Doctor’s information, we use your Eye Doctor’s information to verify that you have a prescription for contact lenses and we ship you exactly what you order.  If you need prescription contacts be sure to choose the correct power when ordering your lenses, if you need non-prescription contacts choose “0.00”. Verifying your contact lens prescription takes a minimum of 24 hours. Once verified, your order will be processed and shipped.

* These are basic guidelines and helpful tips and are intended for informational purposes only.  Always follow your Eye Doctor’s instructions for proper care and use of your Halloween contacts and color contacts.