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First Time Halloween Contact Lens and Colored Lens Wearers FAQ

First Time Halloween Contact Lens and Colored Lens Wearers FAQ

Are Halloween Contacts, Theatrical Contacts and Color Contacts Comfortable?
Most people report that they are comfortable if worn for less than 8 hours at a time.  New users, and those with very sensitive eyes, may experience some discomfort when they first wear Halloween contact lenses, most eyes need a little time to adjust to the sensation of wearing lenses.  Halloween contact lenses should not be worn for extended periods of time, usually no more than 8 hours at a time or as recommended by your eye doctor.

Are Halloween Contacts Safe?
All of our contact lenses are FDA approved and if used in a responsible manner, as instructed by our care guides and your Eye Care Professional, our Halloween Contacts are extremely safe.  It is important to remember the all contact lenses, even those with no corrective power, are medical devices and should be used, treated and cared for as such.  Most times problems with Halloween contacts are caused by poor hygiene, improper lens care and sharing of lenses between friends or family.

Can I Share My Contact Lenses With My Friends?
NEVER share lenses with anyone else and NEVER wear someone else’s lenses, this includes family.  When lenses are shared, microscopic organisms are transferred between the wearers and serious eye problems can result, including possible eye infection or other dangerous eye conditions.

Can I Wear Halloween Contacts Over Prescription Contacts?
No.  Contact lenses are not manufactured for layering, severe damage to your eyes and cornea scratching may occur that may result in serious infections. If you require a prescription there are many colored, theatrical and Halloween contacts available with a Power (prescription).

How Long Will Halloween Contacts Last?
Most of our Halloween contact lenses and some of our Color Contacts will last for 3 months (90 uses) with daily wear, or up to one year with occasional use and proper care and cleaning.   Some of our Colored Contact Lenses are designed to be two week disposables, which means that they should be replaced every 2 weeks if worn daily. They will however last in excess of 3 months with occasional use and if handled with care.  The recommended replacement is listed on each product page under Additional Information.

What Lens Solution Should I Use With Halloween Contacts and Color Contacts?
You can use all purpose, all in one solutions which are available at your local drug store. With these solutions you can clean, lubricate, disinfect and store your lenses.

Will Color Contacts Interfere With My Vision?
The opening in the contact lenses for your pupil has been optimized in size so as to limit interference with your vision. You may however, experience some loss of peripheral vision while wearing the lenses.

* These are basic guidelines and helpful tips on lens wear and care and are intended for informational purposes only.  Always follow your Eye Doctor’s instructions for proper care and use of your Halloween contacts and color contacts.