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Purchasing And Orders

Are lenses sold as singles or pairs?

How do I send you my prescription?

What info do I need to order lenses?

I’m trying to order but my cart shows up empty

I have perfect vision, do I still need a prescription?

What you need to know before buying contacts


Pricing and Billing

Do you charge sales tax?

How much is shipping?

Options for secure online shopping

I have a question about my charges


Prescription FAQ’s

Can I buy lenses with different Powers for each eye?

Can I use an expired prescription to order?

Can I wear Plano contacts with my glasses?

Do I need a prescription to order Halloween lenses?

Prescription Contacts and Contact Lens Prescription

What is “Power” and “Plano”?

Will my prescription for glasses work for contacts?


Contact Lens Care and Safety

Are Halloween contacts safe?

Are Halloween contacts comfortable?

Can I share my contacts with my friends?

Can I wear Plano contacts over regular contacts?

Halloween Contact Lens Safety

How long will my contact lenses last?

How to tell if your contacts are inside out

Step-By-Step Lens Care Instructions

Tips for Halloween lens wearers

What solutions should I use with my lenses?

Will Halloween contacts affect my vision?


FAQ’S For First Time Lens Buyers

Before buying Halloween contacts

Choosing and buying the right Halloween contacts

First time lens wearers FAQ

How to care for your new Halloween contacts

Putting in and taking off Halloween contacts

Tips for first time Halloween contact lens wearers


Returns and Cancellations

Can I make changes to my order?

How do I cancel my order?

How do I return a product?

What is your Guarantee and Return Policy?


Guarantees And Policies

What is your Guarantee and Return Policy?

What is your Privacy Policy?


Terms and Conditions


Shipping and Order FAQ’S

How can I track my order?

An item is missing from my shipment

Can I make changes to my order?

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Do you ship Internationally?

Do you ship to Canada?

Do you ship to Kansas or Texas?

How do you calculate shipping costs?

How long will it take my order to arrive?

I need to change my Eye Care Provider Information

I need to update my Shipping Address

My tracking number isn’t working

Shipping Options

What happens after I place my order?


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