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Tips For Halloween or Theatrical Contact Lens Wearers

Tips For Halloween or Theatrical Contact Lens Wearers

Tips and Tricks for Lens Wearers:

1. Follow the “Step-by-Step Lens Care Instructions” on inspecting and disinfecting your lenses for the first time, then follow the instructions on inserting your lenses.

2. You will have far more success and satisfaction with the lens if you follow the schedule below. Your eyes need time to adjust to the lens.

Day 1 – 1 hour of wear
Day 2 – 2 hours of wear
Day 3 – 3 hours of wear
Day 4 – 3 hour of wear
Day 5 – 3 hours of wear
Day 6 – 4 hours of wear
Day 7 – 5 hour of wear
Day 8 – 6 to 8 hours of wear

3. For your safety, always remember to clean your lenses thoroughly and follow the Step-by-Step Lens Care Instructions guide.

4. Reaction of first time contact lens use includes: tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking, and movement of the lens.

5. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses these symptoms will gradually diminish.

Making Cleanliness a Habit:

Want to make the most of your contact lenses? For great vision and healthy, comfortable lens wear, keep these guidelines in mind.

1. These lenses are for cosmetic purposes and should only be worn for 6 to 8 hours at a time, even if they feel comfortable.

2. Never sleep or nap while wearing your lenses.

3. Apply cosmetics after you insert your lens and remove cosmetics after removing your lenses. Water based cosmetics are less damaging to your lens then oil based.

4. Avoid handling of your lenses for too long before inserting them or you could cause an eye irritation.

5. Never swim while wearing your lenses. It is very likely that you will lose them and if not lost they may get contaminated.

6. Do not get lotions, creams or sprays in your eyes or on your lenses and avoid the presence of chemicals.

7. Never skip in lens care. Just cleaning the lenses after each wear is not enough. If you don’t wear your lenses every day you must still clean them and change the solution they are stored in twice per week.

* These are basic guidelines and helpful tips on lens wear and care and are intended for informational purposes only.  Always follow your Eye Doctor’s instructions for proper care and use of your Halloween contacts and color contacts.