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Putting In and Taking Off Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Putting In and Taking Off Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Before putting your new sclera lenses in for the first time, read “How To Care For Your New Halloween Contacts” for instructions on how to sanitize and prep your lenses before wearing them and care and safety tips.

How To Put In Black Sclera Contacts

There are two basic ways to insert sclera lenses.  Start by washing your hands with a soap that is not cream based and dry with a lint-free towel.  Pour, or gently scoop, the first lens into your palm. Inspect the lenses for particles, deposits, small crack or tears.

1. The “Looking Up Method” – (Similar to inserting regular colored contacts.)

  • Place the lens, cup side up, on a “tripod” formed with your thumb and first two fingers
  • Hold your upper eyelid open and pull your lower eyelid down with your other hand, to prevent blinking.  Tilt your head slightly back and look up.  You can also try looking straight ahead into a mirror.
  • Place the lens onto the upper part of your eye and slide the lens onto your eye. Release your eyelids one at a time, upper lid first, and then the lower one. This should slide the lens into place in the center of your eye.
  • Repeat this procedure with the second lens.

2. The “Looking Down Method”

  • Place a towel on the counter and set a small mirror on top of the towel.
  • Place the lens, cup side up, on a “tripod” formed with your thumb and first two fingers
  • Fill the bowl of the lens with saline or the rinsing solution recommended by your eye care provider. Bend your head over the mirror and tuck your chin down toward your chest so that your face is parallel to the floor.  It may seem like you are nearly standing on your head when you’re in the correct position to apply the lens.
  • Hold your upper eye lid open with the index finger of your free hand. Hold your lower eye lid open with your thumb and keep both of your eyes open as wide as possible. Look into the mirror as you place the sclera lens directly on the surface of your eye. Slowly let go of the upper lid and then the lower lid.
  • Repeat this procedure with the second lens.

Safely Removing Sclera Contacts

1. Start by washing your hands with a soap that is not cream based and dry with a lint-free towel.

2. Place your index finger on the lower eyelid of your eye pulling the eyelid down and look up.

3. Touch the lower edge of the lens with the tip of your index finger and slide the lens downward.

4. Squeeze the lens lightly between the thumb and the index finger and then gently remove the “folded up” lens from the eye.

5. If you have difficulty removing the lens, place a few comfort drops in the eye, wait a few minutes and try again.

6. Upon removal, place the lens in your palm ready to be cleaned.

Cleaning Your Sclera Lenses After You’ve Taken Them Out

1. You must clean and disinfect your sclera lenses each time you remove them.

2. Squeeze several drops of daily contact lens all purpose solution into your palm.

3. Very gently rub one side of the lens with the solution against the palm of your hand using your index finger for about 5 seconds, in a straight back and forth motion. Then turn the lens over and repeat the cleaning process, adding a few more drops of solution.

4. Rinse the lens thoroughly with more all purpose solution. Never use homemade solutions, tap water or anything other than sterile soft lens solution as they may contain organisms that could cause an infection.

5. Place the lens into one side of the storage case and fill with fresh solution.  Make sure you have a storage case that is big enough to fit your scleras.  Sclera lenses are bigger than regular contact lenses and are often too big for regular lens cases.  You can also use the glass vials the scleras come in to store them in.

Tips for the Wear and Care of Sclera Contacts

1. It can take a few moments for your eye to become accustom to the lens; if your lenses feel dry or if your vision is blurred blink several times or apply one or two eye drops.

2. If you work with your lenses near the sink, close the drain.  If the lens drops in the sink, you should disinfect the lens again.

3. If any cream, lotion, dust or lint gets on the lens it can cause irritation, blurriness or even infection so always be sure to handle your lenses with clean hands.

4. Avoid using your fingernails when handling contact lenses.  Lenses are delicate and can tear, scratch and rip easily if not handled carefully.

5. It is advisable to place solution in your lens carrying case and carry it with you at all times. You never know when you may have to remove your lenses.

6. It is advisable to wear your sclera contact lenses for no longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time, especially if you are not used to wearing contact lenses.

7. If your eyes feel dry during or after wearing contact lenses use rewetting drops to lubricate your eyes. This is especially important for full black contact lenses as they cover a larger portion of your eyes. Which means less oxygen can reach it and they will feel dry faster than when wearing regular contact lenses.

8. Sclera contacts are designed to fit most eyes, however some people will find them uncomfortable, too small or too big.

* These are basic guidelines and helpful tips on sclera lens wear and care and are intended for informational purposes only.  Always follow your Eye Doctor’s instructions for proper care and use of your Sclera Contacts, Halloween Contacts and Color Contacts.