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Are Halloween and Theatrical Contacts Safe

Are Halloween and Theatrical Contacts Safe?

If used in a responsible manner, as instructed by our care guides and your Eye Care Professional, our Halloween and theatrical Contacts are extremely safe.  It is important to remember the all contact lenses, even those with no corrective power, are medical devices and should be treated and cared for as such.

All of our contact lenses are FDA approved so you can rest assured that you are purchasing only the best for your eyes.

Always remember that your eyes are very precious. Halloween Contacts have to be treated with the same level of care that a regular contact lens wearer would take when caring for their regular contact lenses.

Use caution when wearing Halloween and Theatrical contact lenses

  • NEVER share lenses with anyone else and NEVER wear someone else’s lenses. When lenses are shared, microscopic organisms are transferred between the wearers and serious eye problems can result.
  • There have been cases of individuals contracting serious eye infections after having worn costume contact lenses, but the lenses themselves aren’t the cause. Most times the problems have been caused by poor hygiene, improper lens care and sharing of lenses between friends.
  • Halloween contact lenses should not be worn for extended periods of time, usually no more than 8 hours at a time or as recommended by your eye doctor. Because they are slightly thicker than regular contacts, not as much oxygen is able to penetrate the lens and reach your eye. Lenses worn for long periods of time will cause your eyes to become red and irritated. Most people report that they are comfortable if worn for less than 8 hours at a time. If you have very sensitive eyes, you might feel some irritation and discomfort during shorter wear periods.

Our Halloween Contact Lenses

Our lenses are manufactured using the same materials, processes and in the same machines used to make conventional (clear) contacts. They are manufactured, packaged and sterilized to the highest international standards for contact lenses and are fully in compliance with US contact lens manufacture, packaging and sterilization regulations. The only difference is that a layer of color is machine printed onto the front surface of the lens. Because the color is on the outside of the lens, it does not actually touch your eye. The color layer is sealed over with a thin layer of clear contact lens material to ensure it does not flake off or irritate your eye. If cared for properly and fitted on the advice of a licensed eye care professional, they are perfectly safe for your eyes and are just as comfortable as regular clear contacts.

* These are basic guidelines and helpful tips on lens wear and care and are intended for informational purposes only.  Always follow your Eye Doctor’s instructions for proper care and use of your Halloween contacts and color contacts.