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  • Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Diseased Patient and Accident Victim - Videos!

    Welcome Guys and Ghouls, to our first exciting tutorial release of the month: 

    Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials!

    We are now a mere three weeks away from Halloween 2012 and we here at Extreme SFX have a little treat (no tricks, we will save those for later! hehe) for all you Halloween makeup buffs!  We will be releasing two Halloween makeup tutorials every week up until Halloween.  That's right, your keen vampire senses heard correctly!  Two Makeup Tutorial Videos for Halloween Characters, every single week for the next three weeks.

    To start your Halloween season off right, and get your brain juices flowing, the first week we released two playlists, both which teach you how to make your own custom latex prosthetics for different gross, gory and perfect-for-Halloween characters.

    Gore Makeup and How-To Make Your Own Latex Prosthetics for a Creepy Diseased Patient

    Diseased Patient Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials

    This three part gory Halloween makeup tutorial series will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own injury prosthetics or gory, gross appliances, applying them and then adding gore makeup to complete the Diseased Patient look.

    Our Illusion Lab artists teach you a few different techniques for making appliances that is easy enough for even a makeup n00b to complete successfully!  Using liquid latex, modeling wax and paper towels or cotton balls, you will learn to create realistic wounds, boils and blisters, perfect for a zombie-like diseased patient.

    Injury Makeup and How-To Make Your Own Latex Prosthetics for A Bloody Accident Victim

    Accident Victim Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials

    Learn from our Illusion Lab Makeup pros how to transform yourself into a Bloody Accident Victim.  After watching these three gory Halloween makeup tutorials you will not only know how how to create your own custom gashes, scrapes, scars and wounds but how to apply and color them to create a victim of an accident.  You can also use the same techniques to create a wounded zombie or any other bloody, injured character.  The techniques in the Accident Victim gory Halloween makeup tutorials are very similar to those in the Diseased Patient above.  Use your imagination and create your own gory character!

    We hope you have been inspired by these gory Halloween makeup tutorials and are ready to create a creepy, icky character of your own!  Show us what gory Halloween character you can come up with!  Post in the comments below and post photos of your gory makeup creations to our facebook!

    Check back every week for new Illusion Lab Halloween makeup tutorials and blog posts.  Follow us on Facebook to see what's coming up next.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel to be the first to see each new tutorial as it is released!

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    Lots of Love, Trinkie and the ESFX Team

  • Cat Eye Costume Contacts Are Purrrrrfect For Halloween

    Slink your way to the top of the costume contests with the help of cat eye costume contacts!

    Are you looking forward to prowling the night as a sexy or spooky cat this Halloween?  Cat costumes are always amongst the most popular costumes every Halloween season.  Don't get lost in the crowd of generic kitties, claw you way to the front (metaphorically of course) and show those others cats who's queen of the pride!  For the ultimate feline transformation make sure to complete your costume with cat eye costume contacts!   Your eyes are your most prominent feature, highlight them with the ultimate finishing touch for any type of cat costume from simple and sexy to spooky and spectacular!

    We have scoured the internet and have compiled this guide to the most popular Halloween cat costumes for you.  Of course we offer tips for cat makeup and our recommendations  on the styles of cat eye costume contacts that will purrrfectly complete the looks.

    Sexy Black Cat

    Sexy Black Cat

    Halloween White Cat Eye Contacts

    The Sexy Black Cat is easily the most popular cat costume of all time!  Catwoman started the trend with her skin tight black cat suit and black cat mask, making it a classic costume for Halloween, Cosplay and any costume party.  Black cats are also a universal symbol for Halloween, so what better to dress up as?!

    To get this sultry look pop in a pair of White Cat Costume Lenses.  These opaque white and black lenses are just what you need to bring out your naughty or your nice side!  If you want to get creative and use your makeup skills (or want to learn some new makeup skills!) opt for painting a black cat mask onto your face instead of buying one.  Using black liquid latex and a makeup sponge, paint the mask shape onto your face and let it dry.  Sometimes it helps to first draw the shape with a black eyeliner pencil.  Apply as many layers as you would like, we think two is plenty, and when it has finished drying press on black glitter.  Don't forget to add a little cat nose and whiskers too; then slip into a black leather cat suit and you are ready to be on your slinky way!

    Pretty Kitty

    yellow cat halloween contact lensesThe Pretty Kitty is a much softer and feminine feline than the sultry Black Cat.  Furry ears and a fluffy tail are a must for this costume.  Fuzzy leg-warmers are also a great touch.  What's really fun about this costume is it can be done as any breed or type of cat or even in any color.  You could be a Tabby cat, a Tuxedo cat, a Calico cat, a Ragdoll cat or just a cute color, like pink!

    Simple but classic Cat Eye makeup would complement this look well.  Apply a light shimmery eyeshadow over your entire eyelid.  Then using black eyeliner (liquid liner works really well for cat eyes but an eyeliner pencil will work too, just make sure it's nice and sharp!)  line the tops of your eyes, winging up and out at the outer corners of your eyes.

    Complete your cuddly soft Pretty Kitty costume with a pair of Yellow Cat Eye Halloween Contacts.  These opaque yellow Halloween lenses resemble a cat's glowing eyes, with a slit black pupil, perfect for a mischievous kitty!


    WildCat Halloween Cat Costume

    green cat halloween lenses

    If you want to take a walk on the wild side with your sexy cat costume, why don't you dress up as a Wildcat?  There are many creative ways to wear this kind of cat costume.  Use a jungle cat like a Leopard or Cheetah to be the inspiration for your costume design.  Finding costumes or cute little dresses in Cheetah or Leopard print is really easy, you should be able to get a sassy costume together in no time!

    Green Cat cat eye costume contacts are a perfect fit for the Wildcat.  Printed with an opaque green and white, these lenses are reminiscent of a lush green jungle and are sure to transform you into a creature of the night.

    For your sexy Wildcat makeup, use a torn piece of makeup sponge and dab little spots of black liquid latex on to your face, decolletage, arms and any other exposed skin you want to be spotted.  Try to mimic the pattern of your Leopard or Cheetah printed costume as closely as possible.  Pat mocha, black and golden shimmer powder onto the latex spots to finish the Wildcat makeup.

    Terrifying Tigress

    Banshee Lenses are Purfect for a Terrifying Tigress Combine sexy and scary for the ultimate Halloween cat costume and dress up as a Terrifying Tigress!  This savage costume will have your prey so entranced by your beauty that they wont know how to tear their eyes away to run in fright!

    Starting with a Black eyeliner pencil, line your eyes pretty heavily giving them a dramatic cat eye shape, also draw the outline of the stripes you want.  You could cover your whole face, arms and exposed skin with Tiger makeup or you could carefully place a few areas of stripes to emphasize specific features, like your eyes.  Once you know where you want your stripes use White and Orange creme makeup to color the stripes.  Use translucent powder to set the makeup and voila! Tigress!  To become truly terrifying pop in a pair of fangs, we would suggest the Werewolf Fangs, and add some stage blood or blood gel to the corner of your mouth.

    Banshee Cat Eye Costume Contacts are the perfect fit for the Terrifying Tigress costume.  They are a dramatically piercing slit pupil design lens printed with opaque red, yellow and black.  Circling the outer edge of the lens is a vivid red that gives way to a bright yellow radiating from the center.

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    We hope these cat costume ideas have roused your curiosity!  Sink your claws into your favorite pair of cat eye contacts and get ready for your wild side to take control!  We think theses costumes are all the cat's meow but we want to know what YOU think!  Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite Halloween Cat Costume is and which Cat Eye Costume Contacts you would pair with it!

    Lots of Love, Trinkie and the ESFX Team

  • Zombie Makeup Tutorial - Halloween Costume Ideas

    Gangster Zombie Makeup Tutorial

    Our Illusion Lab Makeup and Special F/X Team is here to teach you how you can transform yourself into a bad a**, tommy gun toting, gangster Zombie from the 1920's.  Brought to you by: Extreme SFX

    Gangster Zombie Makeup

    Eddie "Body-Bags"

    Check out the video tutorial below to see our Illusion Lab artists in action!  Watch the zombie magic unfold as our makeup artist walks you step-by-step through the transformation. Learn how to create your own Zombie Makeup for Halloween, Cosplay, costume party or theme party!

    Gangster Zombie Creepy Contact Lenses Gangster Zombie with Tommy Gun

     Zombies might be a bit on the slow side, but zombies equipped with tommy guns?  Better watch out, it looks like this zombie has a bone to pick!

    Here our Illusion Lab makeup artist teaches you how to apply a foam latex prosthetic and then how to add makeup to the prosthetic and the rest of the face to finish the zombie look.  Halloween Contacts are a big part of this character too.

    All the makeup you need to create an awesome zombie!

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    Follow us to stay up-to-date on all the coolest Halloween ideas and tutorials!  We've got lot's of characters waiting in the wings, ready to make their appearance, be among the first to see our new line-up of characters and learn how to create your own versions of classic and unique characters.

    Lots of Love, Trinkie and the ESFX Team

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